Tension set rings

Tension Set RingsTension set rings have become increasingly popular in recent times. This is due to their modern design and the ability to show the diamond with a floating effect. We specialise in handmade jewellery, giving us the ability to modify our techniques to produce the optimum tension set piece. MDTdesign is known for their high quality tension set rings, which all come backed with a 3 year warranty as well as life time clean, polish and rhodium plating service.

Over the years, our valued clients have asked us many questions about our tension set jewellery. Please find below some of the most commonly asked questions:

What is a Tension Set Ring?

It is a ring that has been successfully work hardened to a point where strength qualities in the metal are created. This tension created in the metal then creates a level of pressure onto the central diamond, holding it securely in place. We can also set a diamond in the band where small grooves can be cut into the sides of the ring. This is what gives the diamond the floating in mid air affect.  Having the diamond look like it’s floating in mid air gives the ring a contemporary modern edge that makes MDTdesign the premier jeweller of Australia. The beauty of this style is that the more the metal is worked, the stronger and harder it becomes. The diamond is basically being held in by the significant tension and strength created throughout the metal in the ring itself.

How Secure Is A Tension Set Ring?

These rings are extremely secure! All of our tension set diamond rings are as secure as any other style, providing that the ring is made correctly. This is one of the reasons that all of our tension rings are handmade from start to finish, receiving the highest level of quality and craftsmanship. We understand that all rings are made to be worn, and there is just as much risk of a tension set ring being damaged from knocks, hits or scratches as any other ring.

Like with all of our jewellery, we recommend removing your tension set ring when you are doing something that may damage it. All of the diamonds used in tension settings are held in place through significant pressure and it is very unlikely to move or fall out under normal wearing conditions.

For total peace of mind, we provide you with a completely free 6 monthly clean and polish service for the rings lifetime. Whether it’s a tension set ring or another piece from our range, we always recommend that you bring your jewellery in to see how it is going. It will also give us the chance to personally clean your ring, bringing it back to the condition of when you first bought it.

Advantages Of Tension Set Diamond Rings?

  • Tension sets can sit lower on the finger, as there is no setting on top. The height of these rings is determined by the depth and size of the diamond. They all sit very low on the finger.
  • With the diamond “floating”, it can be seen from all angles as the claws or other setting techniques aren’t protruding. This also allows extra light to flow through the diamond, occasionally giving it brighter lustre.
  • Due to the ring sitting lower on the finger, there is a significantly less chance of the diamond being intrusive in everyday wear, also avoiding more hard knocks that the average style of ring would receive.
  • The modern contemporary style of a tension set ring is one that can’t be matched.

Can It Be Resized?

We can resize most of our tension set rings 1 and a half sizes down or 1 size up. The sizing alteration is dependant on the tension set in question. Some styles have more flexibility. We will give you 2 free resizes in the first 3 years of your purchase. During this time, if you aren’t happy with your ring we will remake it for you at no extra cost.

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Today's Date: 20th January 2018