Rhodium Plating

All 18ct white gold, wherever it is purchased from, is plated with a solution called rhodium. The raw colour of the palladium-based 18ct white gold that MDTdesign uses is a grey colour, as is all 18ct white gold. When 18ct White gold is rhodium plated, it becomes a brighter, whiter colour and the finished product looks very similar to Platinum which in most cases is 95% + pure platinum. Rhodium plating does wear back over time and you will notice that your 18ct White gold jewellery including your MDTdesign ring, is showing a slight grey shade. Simply bring your ring in store and we will repeat the process at no cost to you. As all your MDTdesign jewellery does come with a lifetime service this is all included as part of that ongoing service we provide. Everything purchase from MDTdesign does come with a lifetime clean, polish and rhodium plating service all free of charge.  Rhodium plating on average lasts around 8 months to a year and companies do charge on average AUD $90 each time for this service and as a forever on going cost to all your 18ct white gold jewellery can begin to add up. As our Workshop is located onsite we can garantee a quick turn around time on all 18ct White gold Rhodium plated rings, pendants and earrings. No one wants to be without there jewellery for to long so in most cases a same day rhodium plating on your jewellery can be done. The picture below illustrates the difference in colour between platinum and 18ct white gold. The ring to the left has both the natural colours of Platinum, white in colour, and 18ct White gold, slightly grey in colour. The second ring is an 18ct white gold ring that has been rhodium plated. These rings both have an emery finish which highlights the colour more so than a polished band. Please feel free to Contact Us regarding Rhodium Plating your ring. Platinum And 18ct White Gold Ring

Today's Date: 20th January 2018