Ring Resizing

The Ring Resizing process involves metal either being cut out of the ring to make the ring smaller or added to the ring to make the ring larger. There are other ring resizing processes that can be done and this will be explained further once we view the ring that needs to be resized.

As all MDTdesign rings are made onsite, this enables us to do all ring resizing onsite as well by our jewellers at 166 Swanston Street, Melbourne. This means a quick turn-around time for all of our customers. We understand that you don’t want to be without your rings, so we always try to resize rings as quickly as possible, but we do need to ensure that the best care is taken with your precious pieces. In most cases, a general ring resize can be done in 48 hours, but does depend on the style of your ring and how many sizes the ring is going up or down.

Depending on the type of metal, amount of sizes, width and the complexity of the ring resize being done will all play factors in the time needed for the resize and also the costing. We do need to know that a ring can be resized safely so for an accurate quote and time frame needed so in most cases we will need to see the ring in question. 

As part of our lifetime manufacture warranty we supply 2 free resizes in the first 3 years on any MDTdesign ring purchase. This also allows you to wear your MDTdesign ring through colder and warmer months to see if your fingers change in sizing. In most cases, fingers do expand in the warmer months and shrink down in the colder months. An average needs to be taken in order for you to feel comfortable with the ring you are wearing.

Please feel free to Contact Us regarding a ring you may need resizing. 

Today's Date: 20th January 2018