Mokume Gane Rings

Mokume Gane RingsMost commonly known as an old Japenese metal working technique used to make swords, Mokume Gane involves the blending of two differing metals to create the flexibility, durability and strength that cannot be created with one type of metal alone.

Using different coloured 18ct gold, we have perfected the Mokume Gane technique, creating rings with a beautiful wooden grain pattern and finish.

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How is our Mokume Gane collection made?

MDTdesign’s beautiful Mokume Gane rings are handcrafted and made on our premises. Layered with 18ct palladium based white gold, which is alternated between yellow or rose, our rings are then cleaned and placed between 2 blocks of steel, put under extreme pressure. The clamped layered metals within the blocks of steel are then placed in a kiln and heated overnight, up until one of the metals is almost at melting temperature. Once this temperature is reached, one metal will be fused to the other, creating a strong combination. After the blocks of steel and gold have cooled down, the metal is removed, forming a solid block known as a ‘billet’.

The next part of the process involves rolling the billet into an elongated metal plate, then using steel pinches and a hammer to create dints in order to create dints on the side of the metal block. Bumps will be formed on the opposite side of the block, which are then filed back to reveal the beautifully coloured layers of metal which create a wooden grain type effect.

The final step of the Mokume Gane technique involves the plate of metal being hand worked, filed and shaped to match the desired ring size and profile. This process is very labour intensive, and requires a great set of skills and experience. The time taken to create this type of ring is around 8-9 hours of crafting, and finding the correct melting temperatures and working techniques for its configuration requires the skills of a master.

Will the pattern of MDTdesign’s Mokume Gane wear away over time?

The pattern created on our rings is thick and will not wear away to reveal a single colour.

Today's Date: 20th January 2018