Matching Wedding Bands

As MDTdesign does custom handmake all of our jewellery in our on-site jewellery workshop in the heart of Melbourne, creating a matching wedding band set is never a problem! We are able to take elements of wedding bands that you like and create a set of matching weddimg bands that not only suit each others fingers but also the personality and style of the wearer. Not only would you have a matching wedding band set but you would have a matching wedding band set that is individual to the couple wearing them as they are never mass produced.

Thing to consider when designing a Matching Wedding Band set.

  • What kind of finish would you like on the wedding bands.
  • What profile would you like wedding bands to be.
  • How wide would you each like the wedding bands to be.
  • What metal will be used in the bands.
  • Is there going to be diamonds in the bands? if so what shape, colour and size.
  • Will this matching wedding band design work with an engagement ring if being worn with one?

The more of the above that match up, the more likely the wedding rings will look the same to create the matching weddimng band set you are after. Just because all the factors above may not match up exactly, does not mean the wedding bands will not be matching. In many cases wedding bands are scaled up or down to suit the wearers finger size and widths.

Hints to create a Matching Wedding Band set with an indavidual edge.

  • Keep in mind the rings should suit both that are going to wearing them.
  • Even though a band may be wider the bands can still match in characteristics.
  • Diamonds can be different but a single element can stay the same. Example: same shaped diamond but a different colour or same coloured diamond with a different shape.
  • The same finish doesn't always need to remain if the profiles are the same.
  • Two tone matching wedding bands can allow both wearers to wear a different colour metal for other jewellery.
  • One Wedding band can have diamonds but the other not if profiles and finishes stay the same.

Feel free to come by our store anytime to discuss your perfect matching wedding band set or feel free to Contact Us.

Today's Date: 20th January 2018