Location of Manufacture

The MDTdesign workshop is located onsite at 166 Swasnston Street in the heart of Melbourne. It comprises of five qualified jewellers and two apprentice jewellers. Every MDTdesign piece of jewellery – either on display in our store or custom made for our clients – is made by one of our highly skilled jewellers on the recently renovated third floor of the building. When in-store you will most likely hear the jewellers working away, hammering, bashing and hand making client and stock pieces. Even though at times it can be noisy, you can hear the work that goes into each and every one of our rings.

We do not subcontract out our work to other jewellers to make on our behalf nor import jewellery to onsell. Our sales executives are either a Jeweller, designer, diamond graders or all of the above!

All handmade on-site in the heart of Melbourne's CBD for an all Australian custom handmade product!

Today's Date: 20th January 2018