Jewellery Repairs

As all MDTdesign jewellery is handmade here in our on-site workshop, jewellery repairs such as re-tipping claws or re-shanking bands on our jewellery is never a problem. We understand that our clients hate being without there beautiful MDTdesign jewellery so a quick turn around is always a priority and as our workshop is just upstairs you can be sure your pieces are safe!

Jewellery repairs on jewellery not purchased from here is still made a priority although we must inspect the jewellery being repaired to make sure we can safely work with the existing piece. We do not want to compromise the settings stregnth or diamonds and we will make you aware of the risks involved before we take on any jewellery repairs. We will not take a jewellery repair on if we beleive the risks are high in causing damage to diamonds, settings or bands. We always take as much care as possible when working with any jewellery piece but will not take respossibily for a repair on a jewellery piece not purchased from here as the quality of another jewellerys work may not be of a high standard and cause other problems when working with the jewellery piece. This is all explained in detail before we agree to work with the piece of jewellery. Things such as diamonds possibly becomming loose if not set properly or the settings being worn, solder joins splitting if not soldered with the correct solder when first being made are both things we need to take into consideration.

Quotes on repairs are hard to give over the phone and all pieces will need to be seen in order to determine the cost and the amount of work needed.

Our Jewellery is made by our jewellers and our jewellers only, so we know the processes involved in making a handmade quality MDTdesign piece which means risks of damage to jewellery repairs on our MDTdesign jewellery piece is highly unlikely.

Today's Date: 20th January 2018