Jewellery Cleaning

Cleaning your Jewellery

Diamonds and jewellery are susceptible to becoming soiled, smudged and dusty. Make-up, powders, soaps and the oils from skin combine to create a film on the surface of your jewellery that obscures its brilliance and shine of both the diamonds and the metal.

The best way to take care of your jewellery is to let MDTdesign take care of it for you. As a condition of your three-year guarantee we ask that you bring your jewellery into the store every six months for a check. This is a habit worth continuing even after the end of the warranty period.

At this time we will also polish and clean your jewellery. For polishing we use a high speed buff that spins at 3500 revolutions per minute. This is followed by placement in an ultrasonic cleaner; a metal bath filled with water, ammonia and detergent which, when switched on creates a high frequency turbulence that removes the dirt and polishing compound from hard to get at places in your setting.

Today's Date: 20th January 2018