Handmade Jewellery


All MDTdesign jewellery pieces – engagement rings, wedding bands, dress rings – are all handmade in our onsite workshop by our own jewellers.
There is an immense difference between a handmade ring and handcrafted ring or piece of jewellery. What is going to be holding your diamonds in?
Handmade jewellery or more specifically a handmade ring begins with raw material itself (18ct white gold bar square). The metal is rolled out, soldered, hammered, shaped and worked to form a ring. The setting in handmade ring is individually carved out, claws soldered, hammered and shaped (depending on the design), to create a place for the diamonds to be set. Once the diamonds are set, the jewellery is then cleaned up, polished and if in 18ct White gold also rhodium plated. The result is a high quality, secure and stable 100% handmade ring that has been work hardened and handmade from start to finish. The more the metal is worked, the stronger and longer lasting the ring will be as the metal is compacted the whole way through the hand making process. 
A handcrafted ring is made by a method called casting. This is a process is where the piece is first made in a computer aided design program (CAD) and then printed in a wax 3D model or it is carved out of wax by hand. A plaster mould of the wax ring is now taken. Once the plaster is set, it is placed in a kiln for the wax to be burnt out. The next step is to pour metal into the plaster mould where the wax once was, and when the metal has set, the plaster is removed. The ring is then set with diamonds and polished resulting in a ring that has not been work hardened throughout the making process and is, therefore, not as durable as a handmade ring. 
Some companies handmake the setting and cast the band or the other way around. This should not be classified as a handmade ring.
A handmade ring can take anywhere from 10 to 13 hours for one jeweller to make, whereas a handcrafted ring takes between 1 to 2 hours due to them being produced on a mass scale.
If the person you are buying your jewellery from doesn’t go out of their way to explain to you that the ring is handmade, it usually means its hand crafted. Hand making a ring is often looked at as being a very costly process as it takes a more skilful jeweller to make, more metal wastage due to filing and metal preparation and also in terms of labour time. As the saying goes, “diamonds are forever”, but many people forget that if what’s holding the diamond in doesn’t have strength in it, the security of the stone is at risk.
Handmade benefits:
  • A handmade ring will outlast a handcrafted ring as the metal has been work hardened and strengthened.
  • Handmade jewellery weighs more than hand crafted jewellery as the metal has been compacted while being hammered and worked.
  • Handmade jewellery in not hollowed or thinned out.
  • It is easy to make modifications with a handmade ring design as it is not based on a pre-made mould and not mass produced.
  • Your handmade jewellery will be a one off piece as it is 100% made by hand. Small slight differences will occur and even though usually not noticeable and slight variations in thickness, width and height of a handmade jewellery piece may occur.
  • Handmade jewellery is a dying art as it takes an extremely skilful jeweller to produce such precise work and as a result is a lot more desirable over a mass produced piece of jewellery. 
Today's Date: 20th January 2018