Diamond Clarity

Diamond clarity refers to the grading of natural inclusions that occur in a diamond. Almost all diamonds contain minute traces of non-crystallized carbon known as inclusions. Clarity is the grading term used to indicate the extent to which a diamond is free of these inclusions. The inclusions should not affect the brilliance or brightness of the diamond or affect any reflection of light through the diamond. The true definition of the clarity grading on diamonds is that the inclusions should not be visible to the naked eye down to an SI2 grade.

Due to what we believe to be a slight diamond grading shift over the years, many SI1 and SI2 graded diamonds do have visible inclusions to the naked eye. MDTdesign carefully inspects every diamond that we consider purchasing or using in a client's piece and if we find that the diamond does have inclusions visible to the naked eye, we will not select that diamond for our stock or to sell to our clients. This is why it is extreamly importand to carefully view the diamonds you are looking at purchasing. There is a big difference between a good SI2 and a bad SI2 as with all the gradings. Along with this comes a price difference as well. We only sell the best of the claritys and in store we can show you the differences and what is true to its definition. We would much rather our clients have a high end graded SI1 diamond rather than a bad quality VS2 diamond that is not true to the Certificate

MDTdesign carry mainly 'VS' (Very Slight Inclusions) and 'SI' (Slight Inclusions) clarity diamonds but, as with colour, we are happy to work to your specifications if you would prefer a higher clarity graded diamond.
GIA Clarity Grading

Clarity Grade

Recently many Diamonds termed 'enhanced diamonds' have been found being sold in Australia. These stones of poor quality have either been laser drilled to remove large inclusions or have had fractures in the stone 'filled'. MDTdesign do not use these types of diamonds.

We will be happy to further explain the importance of Diamond Clarity, Diamond Colour, Diamond Cut and Diamond Carat Weight, all characteristics that determine the value and beauty of a diamond.

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Today's Date: 20th January 2018