Designer Jewellery

Designer Jewellery MelbourneMDTdesign offers Australia’s premier range of designer jewellery. Our extensive range of high quality jewellery includes engagement rings in Melbourne, Dress Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Wedding bands and much more! Whilst we do stock a large range in our showroom, our specialty is designing specific jewellery to suit our client’s needs, all done in our onsite Workshop. All of our creations are designed with our client’s needs and budget in mind. With all of our customers having unique styles and tastes, your Australian designer jewellery should be as well! Creating your own custom piece may seem a bit daunting, but at MDTdesign we make it easy.

Custom Jewellery To Suit Your Needs

MDTdesign’s sales executives aren’t your standard sales people. Everyone at MDTdesign is a designer, jeweller or both, giving us the expertise to help you create your own designer jewellery. We know what works and what doesn’t with aesthetics, style and the Hand Making Process.

Once you have the basic blueprints of your design, our expert designers will create the piece, allowing you to make whatever changes you require. MDTdesign jewellery always looks amazing but is still practical for everyday wear. Drawing a beautiful piece of jewellery is one thing, but actually creating it is a completely different aspect! When your ring has been created, you are free to adjust the widths, thicknesses, heights and size to make sure the design works perfectly.

You would expect that Australian handmade designer jewellery is more expensive than computer designed, mass-produced pieces. At MDTdesign, we pride ourselves on not charging a consultation or designers fee. All of our prices are based on the Diamonds, metal and labour of the manufacturing of your jewellery.

All of our designer jewellery is handmade from start to finish. We don’t use ready-made metal pouring techniques or design your jewellery on a computer. All of our custom jewellery comes with the ability to adjust the heights, widths, and thicknesses and even add different stones or blend elements to create your own perfect piece!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We understand how overwhelming the proposition of designing your own ring can be! MDTdesign’s 100% satisfaction guarantee means that if you are not completely happy with what we have created for you, we will modify the piece the piece at no extra cost! We ill even remake it if need be. Our custom jewellery stands out above all the others, so Contact Us today to go through your wants and needs.

Today's Date: 20th January 2018