Conflict Free Diamonds

At MDTdesign every diamond we choose to sell and supply to our clients is not only hand selected by our instore diamond graders but is also garanteed 100% Conflict Free. By us making sure our diamonds have come through the appropriate channels and sources such as the Kimberly Process, you can be sure your Diamonds have not played a part in the funding of war in 3rd world countries. MDTdesign is a part of the Diamond Guild of Australia, also know as the DGA, for recognition of our 100% Conflict Free Diamonds and our outstanding business ethics and acheivments. MDTdesign also stock one of the largest rages of Argyle Pink Diamonds and Argyle White Diamonds in Australia which are found in Australias very own Argyle Diamond mine. As this mine is located in Western Australia they do not need to travel far and as all our stock is, they are all garanteed Conflict Free.

What is a Conflict Free Diamond?

To put it simply, a Conflict Free Diamond is one that has be sourced through the appropriate channels and the money used to purchase these diamonds has not funded war or the buying of weapons for war. Conflict Free Diamonds are not taken by force but have been bought fairly and have adhered to human rights when doing so. When a diamond is Conflict Free no one was hurt, killed or robbed in order to obtain the diamonds.

Why is it so important to buy a Conflict Free Diamond? 

As some of the worlds diamonds do come from places such as Angola, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone and Liberia it is vital that the diamonds mined here have not funded the war in these places in anyway and have not contributed to the fudes or fight for power. If people were were to only buy 100% conflict free diamonds then conflict diamonds, also known as Blood Diamonds, would become worthless as there would be no market for them.

 What is the Kimberly Process? 

The Kimberly Process is a set out rules and guidelines document for the import and export of rough uncut diamonds. It ensures that every shipment of diamonds that crosses each and every country boarder must be certified, numbered and sealed in tamper-resistant containers. When the diamonds are shipped, these containers are accompanied by government validation certificates in order to verify the diamonds have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict.       

Today's Date: 20th January 2018