Australian Argyle Diamonds

The Argyle Diamond mine is located in the top end of Western Australia and is currently owned by Rio Tinto. As the Argyle Diamond mine is located in Australia, diamonds mined from there are all Conflict Free and are highly sort after for this very reason.

The Argyle Diamond mine is not just the worlds number one supplier of Pink Diamonds but there are also a great deal of White Argyle Diamonds being produced from this mine which are sort after for there amazing crystal structure and the sheer fact that they are a 100% Australian Diamond. In the past 30 odd years a little over 750 Argyle Pink Diamonds have been offered for sale at tenter which proves their rarity and reason for the constant demand.

MDTdesign stocks both Pink Argyle Diamonds and White Argyle Diamonds which are both becoming harder each year to source. Larger Pink Argyle Diamonds do come with Certification as being an Argyle Diamond and are usually Laser Inscribed or if smaller have an Argyle lot number provided with the diamond. White Argyle Dimaonds are also laser inscribed on the girdle.

Today's Date: 20th January 2018